Barnum museum-Bridgeport, Ct- a unique and valuable experience

Kathleen Maher,Executive Director and Adrienne Saint-Pierre, Curator, gave an outstanding presentation on the museum and the life of PT Barnum, one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs and creator  of the greatest show on earth- Barnum and Bailey Circus. His legendary attractions included  Tom Thumb, Swedish soprano, Jenny Lind and Jumbo the African Elephant. This special  event on January 27, 2018 for Yale Women was organized  By Karen Warner. Barnum museum is open to the public Thursdays and Fridays. Please call 203-331-1104 for more information. it is a 5 minute walk from the Bridgeport train station. The personality and character of P.T. Barnum is shown clearly here and will ignite your emotions and your imagination.


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