The Desire for Recognition

People are always asking me what drove me to work so hard on my musical career?

Reviewing my life in this field, I would have to answer that  the music obsessed me and took over my life. Music is the expression of my eternal soul. Certain composers like Charles Ives inspired me to have faith in my own abilities , live by spiritual values and take my own direction. Bob Dylan inspired me with his  voice of humanism which I found lacking in the field of classical music.

When I meet other musicians who have lost their way in this life and have become  drug addicts and alcoholics, I remind them that their eternal soul has the God given” Musical talent “which cannot be ignored and is their true identity.. I think the desire for recognition is not the primary driving force in the musician’s life. I think the driving force is the desire for self expression of one’s heart and soul..

The question is what is the  meaning of music and why did God grant me this talent?




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