Don’t let the lack of illusion become the destruction of hope!

Perservering, having great patience and believing  in  yourself can overcome the obstacle course of the music industry. Once you realize that every humiliation is a step upward in your career, you can deal with an upsetting situation with emotional detachment.

Never engage in any dialogue with  the abuser… Never participate. you must get out of the room as fast as possible. If the guy has jumped on top of you after pushing you on to the bed, shout at him “you have had an attack of spring fever. I am leaving immediately and will never mention this.” If you are in the car, pretend to be stupid. you do not know what to do. You do not know what to say. The next day, go to the supervisor of this  abusive teacher, agent,  employer,  et al and speak up.  Learn to speak up as soon as possible in your career!

If nothing works at that moment  of danger and possible violence,say that your boyfriend is a gangster and will hire  someone to beat  up this abusive guy.

Volunteer  at any local newspaper or college radio station. You must create a power base of connections to move your career in music unless you have 10 million dollars and can buy your way into this field.

The master slave system of teaching in Music translates into emotional indifference to you  . Sexual harassment is a safety issue and there are no safety standards for pianists !







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