Fourth of July and Charles Ives

Ives’ love of America and the american people is shown in his “Variations on America “written when he was a teen ager. My solo piano arrangement is on youtube. Search Variations on America by Ives.

Ives made a tribute to the Transcendentalist writers, Emerson, Hawthorne, The Alcotts and Thoreau  in his piano sonata No. 2. He concentrated on the excellent values of American community life. He believed in  unity in diversity and living by the greater values of life.

Ives died in 1954. His ideas continue to influence music all over the world. Anyone who would like to join my conversation group, “Friends of Charles Ives”. please contact me at


One thought on “Fourth of July and Charles Ives

  1. Check out my books about Ives——hopefully they will point the interested listener to the way to approach his music, and knock down some of the myths that have diminished him:

    “Charles Ives and his Road to the Stars”
    2013, & second expanded ed., 2016
    Also can be found online——free download,

    “Charles Ives’s Musical Universe”

    Antony Cooke


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